The Possum Skin Cloak in a Museum project was a collaboration between Banmirra Arts group of Koori artists and performers from Banmirra Arts and filmmakers from Berlin, Khadija Carroll & Alex Schweder of Look Studio.

It entailed filming a multi channel video installation that focused on the performance aspects (dance, music, song, ceremony) of the revival of the possum skin cloak making tradition over the past eleven years.

The filming was done at RMIT studios in late January 2011 and involved a two day rehearsal preparation period and two days of filming. The film has been edited as a multi media installation piece. The project represented Aboriginal time-based ceremonies as international contemporary art.

In 2013 excerpts of the video were presented by Khadija, Vicki and Lee to the national Indigenous textiles conference/gathering in Canberra called Selling Yarns 3.  The feedback was very positive.  Banmirra Arts and Khadija hope to screen the final multi-channel video installation entirety in the future.