The Possum Skin Cloak in a Museum project was a collaboration between Banmirra Arts group of Koori artists and performers from Banmirra Arts and filmmakers from Berlin, Khadija Carroll & Alex Schweder of Look Studio. It entailed filming a multi channel video installation that focused on the performance aspects (dance, music, song, ceremony) of the revival of the possum skin cloak making tradition over the past eleven years. The filming [...]

Gift cloak long ago Dreaming cloak was presented to Te Papa Museum in 2011 during a cultural exchange ceremony honoring the renewal of ancient wisdoms, Laws and songs that hold the world together. The cloak is a gift honouring Maori people as the traditional custodians of Aotearoa – the homelands where we now harvest our possum skins. (above) Smoking the cloak as part of the gifting ceremony, 2011 photo courtesy Te [...]

From 2006 to 2009 Banmirra artists Vicki Couzens and Lee Darroch collaborated with Treahna Hamm to create the Birrarung Wilam Commemorative Place site.  Birrarung Wilam means campsite on the river of mists.  The site pays due respect to the Victorian Aboriginal Ancestors who have gone before us and their struggle.  Birrarung Wilam is a place for all of Victoria to come to reflect on the past and move on with [...]

              In 2006 Vicki Couzens, Lee Darroch, Maree Clarke and Treahna Hamm coordinated a project with Regional Arts Victoria and the Commonwealth Games Advisory Committee. The concept was to work across all of the 37 language groups of Victoria to make possum cloaks.  35 cloaks were made and worn by Elders and community representatives at the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony.  Most of the cloaks [...]