We are currently in the process of updating the Business Plan 2012-2015 to a ten year plan 2014-2024, and envisage this will be finalised by March 2015.

Our Vision

For a healthy, vibrant culture and identity that continues to prosper into the future.

Our Purpose

To Remember, Reclaim, Revive and Regenerate cultural knowledge and practice of South-Eastern Australia.

Business Plan Overview

Banmirra Arts is a not-for-profit Aboriginal community organisation and was established by a group of Aboriginal artists and cultural workers. The overarching purpose for the development of the organisation was the need to provide assistance to artists and help develop their skills and networks whilst identifying commercial opportunities whereby they could promote their products and services.

Banmirra Arts plays a pivotal role in leading the regeneration of the cultural tradition of possum cloak making as well as kangaroo necklace and headband making. Over the past ten years, the Artists of Banmirra have worked toward the reclamation and continuity of cultural tradition of cloak making with the view of ensuring that these traditions are maintained.

The collective knowledge of Aboriginal culture and experience of Banmirra is its core strength, and is set up in a way that allows this knowledge to be transferred with the view of reclaiming, reviving and regenerating cultural knowledge and practice of south east Australia.

The organisation recognises that Aboriginal people witnessed and were subjected to the process of colonisation, and through this process, the disruption of practice and the loss of place and connection to country resulted in the dismantling of our collective and pluralistic values and identities.

Banmirra’s desire is to ensure that through the process of reclamation (cloak making workshops) and regeneration of cultural practice, a pathway for healing will unfold. The revival of cloak making and associated ceremonies are designed to heal communities negatively affected by intergenerational grief, loss and trauma.

The work of Banmirra is steeped in the values of the Aboriginal community and these values are about respect, the sharing of knowledge through the telling and re-telling of stories, in places that are deemed culturally safe and respectful of community protocols.

A key driver for Banmirra will be in the delivery of cultural programs which include possum cloak making workshops and cloak lending. Possum skin cloaks are one of the most sacred expressions for Aboriginal people from south east Australia.

The handing down of knowledge and the reclamation of practices will be the catalyst for our communities to commence the process of true healing, ultimately leading to a healthy, vibrant culture and identity, one that will determine its true and rightful position within the broader community.